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"Worthless being, you don't deserve anybody's affection."
"...I already know."

He was holding his heavy head
Full of shame and lies instead
Tears wanted to flee but were stuck
His body motionless as a trunk

"You hurt her terribly this time, you silly moron."
"...Oh shut your mouth."
"She was kind and blind enough to love you, and yet..."

Slowly realizing what he has done
This petty mind was torn
From any sane mental state he flew
Painfully raising the head anew

"...You're pissing me off."
"And yet, you screwed everything she has brought you."
"...Stop talking, you piece of trash."

The gaze abnormally empty
Darkness surrounding him as a krone
World has become hostile so quickly
In his dreary room, alone

"...I should really stop talking to myself."
Life is full of surprises, you were one of them.
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August 25, 2013
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