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I unfairly gave you,
Many wonders this world doesn't own
Many pipe dreams I painted for you
The rainbow butterfly of my love
Gentle treasures buried in my very soul
The phial of my affection...

...That you drank in one go
Drying me to my last heartbeat.
You gave me ashes back
Sealed in a mocking funeral urn.
Even bullets couldn't wound me 
As much as your sadistic smile.

Despite leaving me all alone, again
I still forgive you. I still believe in you.

On the gloomy road
And I walk, and I cry, and I feel
A chill of loneliness.
Why do I keep trusting you? Because I'm alone, and you're my only "friend".

EDIT : I just wanna thank my dear and badass friend G--Unit for suggesting it and having faith in me, and thank the amazing GrimFace242 for his fantastic job and commitment on the website.  

Daily Deviation

Given 2014-07-06
What I gave you by WhitePlumFragrance is an intricately woven poem about heartache. ( Suggested by G--Unit and Featured by inknalcohol )
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December 27, 2013
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