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Are you serious? All of you
Laughing out loud
What's wrong with this hysterical crowd?
Looks like I was left out, threw

My heart's petals have faded
No souls by my side
Deeper and deeper into agony
Loneliness has become heavy

This blade I hold
Will shed my blood instead
Do I target the proper enemy?
Why should I use it against me?

Are you serious? All of you
Laughing at me? Miserable amused faces
You should reconsider it anew
Before I tear you to pieces

You'll know the meaning of pain
It'll become your best mate
My tears wouldn't have been vain
I'll destroy all of you without any regret

"Hey, guess who it is.
Do you hear it?
My laughter.
Nop, seems like you fainted.
Listen vermin,
while you still breath,
The silent sound of my steel...
Drilling the shell
You used to call
Your sweetheart."
You broke me.
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September 2, 2013
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