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        - A Beauty of sins
She drives men into blind abysses,
These rats run across the maze of expectation
And try to climb this perfumed Babel Tower.
Their Ragnarök is already lost ;
She, whose radiance is no myth,
Stands far upon the human world.

        - The Shepherdess
They took themselves as four-leaf clovers
Gifted her of millions of edelweiss bouquets.
Yet they meant nothing to her, less than cattle,
Yet lost in masses of brainless sheeps
Led by the baton of her tuneful voice,
Such a sweet slow lobotomy!
Disillusioned tears are falling... Petty humans
Stuck forever in the Spider Queen's net.

        - Divine Valkyrie
An acid rain for their stupid dried humanity,
Cursed fools sent themselves to the gallows
Sold friends and family to the Elysium,
Even betrayed their own Gods and beliefs
Willing to be part of a new Valhalla,
Just for her.

All she had to do was smile. 
A Goddess, a Valkyrie, unforgettable and omnipotent.
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February 20, 2014
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