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The young boy just wanted to hold her tight
    As he felt her amber hair flutter about in the breeze
        Looks scattered timidly, unrestrained heartbeats faded away
            This young adventurer finally found the fragrance he'd die for.

 Putrid seas of despair became Twilight's holdings
    Here comes victorious Dawn, hammering her flowered flag into
        The possessed boy's skull. This new Freedom he was blessed,
            Kept running through his mind as if he has lived thousands of lives.

He craved her all night long, a fellow bottle in hand
    Waiting made his night last longer than eternal Oblivion   
         Howling as a lost soul, until he smells her again,
            Beautiful hangover.

The shy boy was reeked of youth's insouciance,
    On his fresh field will grow seeds of morbidity,
        This exquisite scent will haunt him for such a long time
            So young, already tortured, the stubborn boy sure won't lack love.
Sometimes there's pollution, sometimes you smell fragrances you've never smelled before, sometimes her perfume makes you finally realize you're already in love.
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April 30, 2014
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