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It all began with a smile...

The freshly awaken Camellia, morning's wonder
Highlighted even on a rubies' field
She was her own spring sun ; a mellifluous beauty

The gullible Camellia, tricked by this charming rose
Got stung to the blood, cleaned out of her inner light.
Another victim of this world's rottenness
The saddening outcome of a barbaric act.

The daughter of Nature got fouled
Reeked of the rose's stench  
Acid rain poured on this virgin sprout
And lost her blossom forever

She dreams of nightmares, craves forgetfulness
Floods of tears under the bloody moon
Her desperate and heartbreaking screams 
shatter the icy silence of the Withering Night. 

Eternity may not be long enough
For the Camellia to shed all her sorrow -
Oh ruthless Scythe! 
You sent to the skies such a pretty Camellia.

...It all ended with a bullet.
A beautiful girl, a rape, a suicide.
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January 22, 2014
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