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1 month before the fall
A crimson rose in full bloom for the last time,
The blood-stained chair awaits
Hell is scattered with wilted petals.
Cold-hearted, guiltiness is unknown to me,
Slitting her silk throat
Licking my steel, watching her bleed
I craved such a delightful moment.
She was genuinely gorgeous, wore desire on her skin... 
Deadly beautiful. 

1 day before the fall
"Cell of ice ; as frozen as the heart I once had." 
Crows and graves under the window
Looking down on him with their cold eyes... 
"Gruesome symbols. Macabre shivers 
A death trap from where I can't escape."
Ominous marks of his past roommates... 
"The smiling walls, constantly laughing, always staring."
The abyss of his fear consumes him
"...My own heartbeats? Is that what fear tastes like?"
A slow process of self-destruction
Sink even deeper into it, into invariable terror
"The edge of sanity. I think about her now?"
Lucky peaceful beauty. 

Soul Harvest day

Dreadful relief. Gates of Hell are finally open
I'll come back home, a land of unforgivable roamers
I breathe this mist one last time
Even the air weighs heavily on me.
While walking into death row
Ghosts from oblivion shut my sight
Screams of the fallen swamp my head.
At the edge of the darkest hallway
She is waiting for me
The Angel I slew.
Death is waiting for me this time.
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February 8, 2014
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