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Tan squirrels hunt nuts before purple dawn.
Violin notes whistle through dried branches,
Puddles - eager redbreasts moisten their throat.
Vast painting of the poet's dreams!

I hear; siren's melody baits lost souls from the wood,
The misty air is loaded by scents of dews,
Tremendous land of dead leaves, out of sight! Swimming peacefully,
White waterlily feels the dragonfly scratching its back.

Trees' woody eyes are pointing at the sapphire surface,
I stare at polychromatic clouds, leaving the heavenly throne.
And from her very breath, she blows them off. Lady of the Lake.

Condescending Nature! Your cruelty is matched your greatness.
Natural, hazy shivers flow through my bloodstream,
There, there she looked at me! Lady of the Lake!
Back to basics.
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September 14, 2013
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