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Haven't heard from you in months
Our love used to give us goosebumps
Now it's like this, being together was my only wish
Now we just reminisce, on what we could've had
This makes me so sad, because the goods become the bad

Go away and never stay in my way
This silly game you used to play
Controlling the strings of my feelings
Bloody puppeteer of your smiles...
I won't look back and just go away

Each day has it's own way of showing us a better day
Which is the best way to live without you today?
I can't get you out of my head no matter what 
So all I do is jot, these rhymes that I have in my head
Sometimes I wish I was dead, but instead I just go ta bed

And I cry, cry, under the moonlight's cruelty
And they bleed, bleed, mutilated limbs
And they laugh, laugh, my elderly demons
I wish I could have suffered differently...
Now I'm just another wreck in the sea of griefs

All I wanna do is laugh with you
But anytime we talk it turns into a passed issue
So I guess there's only one thing left, let's get this off our chest
We gotta go our separate ways, no better way to phrase
This madness has to stop, it's like our love's begin to rot

Desire within, a part of me missing
Your resonant laughs are haunting...
Will you ever cherish me again? 
Endless days, swarming crows, deep black dawn
I just want you back
Collaboration with the awesome :icong--unit: 
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March 5, 2014
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