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Alone on this inhospitable night, once again
I let my memories guide my lost steps,
Wandering amid the ghosts of my past.

As I walk along the quay,
I stare at the feeble Seine flowing:
She's dying by the street lamps' hands
While the whole city asphyxiates. 

Reflecting my own lack of humanity
Over the river's lighted surface,
Griefs come and go at the water's rhythm.

Once again, on this breathtaking night,
My feelings are sealed and my chest hollow.
Purple rain, chills of cold.... Or regret? I crave 
My musical drug, my remaining salvation,
Spreading a sweet poison within me and
Eroding the remaining happiness I still have.

I plug my headphones...
A grin of relief appears on my weary face,
I flee to lenient lands, where a familiar Angel tucks me in.
These notes of violin split the immutable silence, 
Fill the hole in, lit a bonfire to my soul.
This mermaid sings my dreams to me, 
And from now on, I know the true meaning of my life ;
Why I was born, why I should live, how much I crave living,
My own value, my hidden qualities, my thirst for life! And...
And the song ends.

A void within me, forever.
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March 1, 2014
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